Friday, February 19, 2010

A Vision for Church

... and for Family

Just wanted to share what we have come to see as the point of church, and since the elders and deacons of Household had already expressed it perfectly, I'll let them say it again for you all here:

"HOFCC was planted initially in August of 1998 in the home of Gregg Harris, an internationally recognized author and advocate of Christian home schooling and family restoration.

The new local church has been an attempt to institute several reforms of structure and doctrinal emphasis. From the very beginning, HOFCC has been age-integrated as a matter of principle. We choose to equip parents to train and include their own children in our church services rather than relieve them of their responsibilities by means of age-segregated youth programs. We do not offer a Sunday School, Youth Group or Children's Church service. Instead, we maintain a family inclusive and family uniting culture that draws everyone of all ages into worship, Bible study and partnership in advancing the Gospel together. If we hope to see families serving God together as a team, they must be equipped together as a team. That is what a Christian family household is— a team of believers living and serving God together.

The results of our efforts have been very encouraging. When families are willing to endure the transition back to a simpler and more Biblical way of gathering, they see a dramatic improvement in their children's love for God and His church. Men are drawn back into their Biblical roles as leaders of their own households and wives are restored to their Biblical roles as the helpers and companions of their own husbands. Sound doctrine is restored to its place as the treasure of the entire family and church planting missions become the natural result of healthy spiritual and numerical growth.

— the Elders & Deacons of HOFCC "

Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you may or may not like the term 'biblical role', but around here, we like it. In fact, we love it! There is something so right about doing what God created me to do, that in spite of it being absolutely counter-cultural and against how I was raised (not to mention that my natural personality fights against it) that I am filled with joy! Submission to my husband, being a keeper at home, training up my children - the joys and benefits are unbounded by this world. And my husband taking the lead, being that authority and protection for us, well... it's priceless!

The boys expressed it best the other day when we were talking about why I'm buying brown eggs these days, even though they are more expensive and we're trying to save money. (See, we teach budgeting, home-economics, cooking, and now we're working on communication) And my response was that I buy those eggs because Daddy prefers them. Nathanael was thoughtful for a moment, then spoke up with "I like Daddy preferring things more." At first I had a completely confused look on my face and then he explained. "You know, that Daddy prefers things." Sorry, not much help there, and then a light bulb. I said "Oh, you mean that Daddy gives his opinion more, or that he's more 'in charge', and that I do what he says?" And both boys chimed in with "Ya, that's it. We like him in charge!" And that was a perfect teachable moment to share with them how God made us each for different roles, and for most of out marriage I had been trying to take over Daddy's role, just because that was how I'd been raised. It was also a perfect time to apologize to them for how I had been hurting the family and teaching them by example a completely un-Biblical way to live in marriage , and I did.

I love homeschooling and being with the kids all day! How else could we all interact and grow and teach each other new truths?

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