Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We use the word 'wonder' a bunch these days.
We say, "I wonder where the boys are?"
"Do you ever wonder what it would be like without sin?"
"It's a wonder that you didn't kill yourself on that jump!"

Today I'm using it in a whole new way!
How do I describe the amazing blessings of our God?
I'm in WONDER and AWE of Him and how He chooses to work in our lives!

Remember how this whole blog got started?
It was all about giving control back to God:
control of our lives, control of our fertility, control of everything!
Well... it's not finalized yet,
but all our ducks are in a row for the financial part of having a tubal reversal.

We're tentatively planning on the first part of December to fly to Mexico for surgery!
It's all just so incredible!
How God works in our lives to bless us and teach us new things just leaves me in

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