Thursday, January 20, 2011

A year's journey!

So, have you noticed just how fast a year can fly by (when you're not 10 years old!)? This past year seems to have gone by so quickly, looking back on it, yet some parts of it seemed to take forever!

Almost a year ago Charles and I had our lives changed by God's Providence, drawing us into deeper obedience to Him and convicting us of our rejection of His sovereignty over our fertility. We repented and have since been seeking to have a Tubal Reversal (TR).

We have learned so much this past year about waiting on the Lord, trusting Him to work all things for our good. He has blessed us beyond measure as we've grown in Him, desiring His will above our own. Now, not to say that we've done everything in obedience to Him or that we haven't slipped back into some of our old habits, but even then, He was faithful to call us back to Himself!

We've loved our new Church family over the past year - loved getting to know them better through fellowship and prayer and dinners and lunches and meetings and... well, living life with them! We are so thankful for the opportunities for growth we have had through these people whom God has placed in our lives!

We've been blessed to be a part of my Grandmother's home-going to be with Jesus and all the wonderful legacy of prayer and faithfulness that she has left us. Along with that legacy, we were also gifted with my grandparent's home which my grandfather built for my grandmother when I was a small child. It's really been a wonderful blessing to us as we have traveled back home through the holidays to have our own place to be settled!

Through all this past year we've been endeavoring to pay off bills in order to start putting funds aside for TR surgery, and we've made a small amount of progress, but our goal was still such a long way off. After prayer and discussion on the issue, we decided to apply for a home equity loan on our new property to a)pay off all other bills, b)make all the necessary repairs to our new home, and c)pay for surgery. It's been quite a process to bring to completion (something about an archaic property description and a boundary survey and wrong addresses and FedEx-ing documents and ... well, you get the picture!) but on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 we received our funding. Almost everything is paid off (I still have to schedule 1 more bill payment) and ... yes, surgery is paid for and scheduled for February 7th, in Kentucky!

Almost a year (minus about a week) to the day that the Lord showed us our sin and our forward course, He provided the funds to allow us to have our TR. We are rejoicing in God's goodness to us! Please pray with us that we all remain healthy and that we have safe travels to Kentucky when we fly out on February 3rd (just two weeks away). We pray for a successful TR surgery and whatever blessings the Lord bestows in the years to come, yet mostly, we endeavor to pray "Not my will, but Yours be done."

Yes, Lord. Your will!


  1. Praising Him with you!!!
    Much love ~

  2. Awesome! I read your post at The Lord's Heritage and found your blog through them. I had a tubal reversal last March. I started a blog mostly because of my reversal and I wanted to share what the Lord was and is teaching me. I will be praying for your reversal. I went to Dr. Streeter in Indiana for my reversal. Just wanted to say hello!

  3. So neat to see Him work out His goodness in all situations! So good to see His children loving and obeying Him! Excited to see what He does with and through you guys! I'll keep praying! Love you! Julie

  4. Praying for many blessings in your submission in reversal!

    God Bless you much!