Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the other side

In Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, February 7th, 2011, the event we had been praying for, saving for, and dreaming about for over a year finally happened!

Dr. Levin performed the surgery that made my tubes whole and unblocked.

God is responsible for it all, and whatever comes next!

Do we hope for children? Yes.
God has written in His Word that children are a blessing and that we are to raise up for Him a godly heritage. Of course we want His blessing! And we earnestly desire to produce and raise up for Him a godly offspring. Yet, we're not the ones who control conception - that is God's.

How has this affected our faith?
I believe it has grown our faith and trust in the sovereignty of God, and in His unfailing grace and mercy which we all so desperately need. He has most definitely bestowed upon us unmerited favor, yet for His precious Son's sake, it is merited! Oh, how we glory in that!

God, You are so good! Your beauty is beyond my comprehension, though we see poor reflections of it in the face of a child, in a vibrant and glowing sunset, in the way the sunlight floods across the snow and illuminates even the darkest shadows! Thank You for the gift of Your Son who was obedient even unto death that I might live to see your Glory! Thank You for the promise of a future in Your presence, triumphant over sin and evil, by the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit! Father, refine me! Show me my idols and my sin. May I not be blind to the things that separate me from sweet fellowship with You! Thank You, Lord for granting repentance even to one such as myself! May I be transformed into one who bears your image more and more clearly each day!


  1. Andrea, thanks for stopping by! Praise God for your restored fertility and His provision for your womb! Would love to learn more about how the Lord brought you to the point of reversal - I'll check out your blog. Good to have you here - I pray you'll be encouraged and possibly challenged at times. God is so good to meet us where we are but to not leave us there - to keep growing us! What a blessing that is to me!

  2. I am so happy for you! It has been one year since our reversal. We have lost 3 babies in the last year and my right tube. I am sad but trusting that His ways are best. We have 3 more eternal souls in heaven. I am thankful for the lessons learned through all of this.We are pursuing adoption and are so excited! I have a peace that I did not have before the reversal.

    I pray the Lord blesses you with a sweet baby.