Saturday, January 30, 2010

A little perspective, part 1

In September 2006, Charles interviewed for a Tech 2 position, a promotion from his current level of Tech 1, on Oregon's North Central Coast with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Cedar Creek Hatchery in Hebo became our new home in late October 2006! It was quite an adjustment to all parts of our lives, but we grew to love it there (in spite of the rain!).

We spent the next 2 years there, getting involved with a local church body, growing to love the people in the Church and the community.

In spite of almost everything else growing phenomenally well (the kids, the grass, the flowers, the garden and the mildew), our faith and personal walk with the Lord did not. And somehow we were blind to that fact.

November 2008 brought persecution and changes to our life that we never envisioned facing. Charles took a demotion and transfer to Sandy Hatchery in Sandy, OR. in order to keep his job and provide for his family.

The Lord sovereingly moved us here, of that we are sure.
And during all that turmoil and stress, we daily saw God's ever merciful hand of provision upon us! He will do whatever it takes to capture our hearts, and that took really shaking up our world.

At first it really seemed to work, getting our attention, that is. Yet, soon we were back to our nominal Christian state. We were plugged in to a Mega-Church, attending regularly, involved in groups and discussions and activities. We joined a homeschool co-op and the boys played league baseball so we were busily getting to know people in the community.

And we forsook a real relationship with the One whose blood purchased every good gift we were enjoying for a facade of morality.

And persecution came again.
Thank you, Lord, for faithfully pursuing us!

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