Sunday, January 31, 2010

No, really? Did I just say that?

"So, I'm thinking that I should have a tubal reversal. What do you think?"

Yes, I really said those words to Charles just over two weeks ago.

Most of you are now in shock. Maybe I am too! Is that why I can calmly type away, attempting to put a bit of this down for posterity?

I don't know. What I do know is that the Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I'm filled with JOY! I know that my marriage is amazing, better than ever before, and my walk with the Lord very close and intimate. I'm
wanting to obey Him, and finding myself doing and saying things that the old selfish me would never have considered.

The Lord is faithful, ever faithful to lead us to Himself. I feel as if I've been blind and deaf with a heart of stone and now I can see, and hear and feel!
This is life!

Thank you Lord for this gift of life. Please guide and direct me to use it to glorify You!

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